Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable Tourism

African Moments Safaris is committed to sustainable and responsible tourism. We want to as much as possible to limit the negative effects of tourism while enhancing the positive effects instead. That is why we focus our business practices on the 3P bottom line i.e. we balance people planet and profits.Tourism businesses rely on nature and the people, and so we need to support both. This can be achieved through supporting community development projects, environment and wildlife protection.

Community development

African Moments Safaris is committed to supporting sustainable and responsible travel practices and partner with local communities to make sure your tourism dollars stay local. Our partnership and financial donations provide the much needed support for education, healthcare, infrastructure and economic development. Make a difference while experiencing another culture!

Environment protection

We believe that it's our responsibility to help preserve the planet for the next generation of travellers and the communities we visit. Part of the proceeds from every trip you book with us is channeled towards community conservation projects such us tree nurseries and bee keeping. Such projects provide alternative sources of income and fuel to the local communities thus preventing them from destroying the natural habitats of animals on which tourism relies. We also encourage our clients to plant some trees as a way of offsetting their carbon foot print.

Wildlife protection

At African Moments Safaris, we believe that tourism makes animals more valuable alive than dead. This serves as a powerful incentive for us to continue to support wildlife conservation. Our trips connect travellers to nature, so they can understand and value the ecological importance of wildlife. We don't offer activities with captive wildlife except for verified wildlife sanctuaries. We also combine travel experiences with conservation research.